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My Mission: to empower hot-hearted women (who love hard-to-keep men) to begin investing their magic into living their Purpose, changing the World or creating their fabulous Life ~ by turning the tables on a crazy draining relationship and becoming the One who's Pursued ~ through self-passion, emotional management skills, and accessing their sensual source.

Femme Feline School of Desire:

Online, Live & for Failing Relationships

If your relationship just ended leaving you uncertain, jaded, hurt and hopeless we will restore your sense of worth, dignity, magic and sensual power by immersing you in all the adoring energy you can handle.

If you tend to love those hard-to-keep men, whether they are younger than you, in a band, or swept away in a business that offers too much exposure to gorgeous available women, we can teach you emotional management skills and support you in loving yourself enough to turn the relationship around or create healthy boundaries.

If you want to find a hot and energizing man who makes your juices flow and adores you, we will create an irresistible dating profile that reflect the real You so that you pop off the page and grab him by the heart strings.

To screen the ones that aren't him, we will teach you online flirting skills, discernment, biggest mistakes and red flags, so you can laser-focus your efforts and find the one who makes your body sing and your heart skip a beat.

If you want to keep him always wanting more (once things move from email to real life), we will get you in touch with your source of sensual power. We'll help you practice magnetic presence AND emotional management skills so you can stay in charge and have him eating from the palm of your hand, like, why not forever.

It's like having a fairy GodSister with a 24/7 open phone line.

Warning: Awakened Sexual Energy is not just about having sex and empowered flirting. It's a source of living a more energized life, an excited life, and finding it easy to inspire people with your presence.

Why Dating Zoo?

We all hate the Dating Game and its torturous Rules, right? Right?!? Well, I do.

Yet the ancient structures of chemistry in our animal brains still respond to something gamey going on. Something there works.

But what I've come to learn is that romance is not a Game. It's a Dance. And it's much more natural and rewarding to approach the romantic arena with the time-tested, life-approved *enlightened animal* principles that I teach. (My happy clients are grinning that hand-in-the-candy-jar grin as we speak.)

As the author of the forthcoming E-book "HeartTwist: Emotional Foreplay for Deeper Bonding", I have spent thousands of hours exploring the human psyche, neurochemistry and the tides of our hormones. I have had a life-long obsession with what makes us tick, what makes us melt and what makes us run.

Throughout this website and the programs I offer, you will see the Tiger of Mystique and the Lion of Candor chase each other, tumble, merge and pull away to start all over again.

These are the two main pathways I want you to have at your disposal at the end of our work, because it's one thing to be stuck without choice in one of these responses to life because it's the pattern you copy/pasted from your parents, and it's a totally different thing to know, accept and love yourself in both Modes (and be free to break them once you have mastered them).

These are insights and skills which you will appreciate even better as a relationship evolves, as they keep the romance alive and deepen the bond.

So we embark on the sensuous journey of learning how to be fluent in Mystique and in Candor, how to play with them, how to curb them, and how to say screw it and let them carry us wherever the wind blows, just to see where we land.

This is what animals are good at, and, the half-animal/half-angel beings that we are, we can learn both how to ride the ancient tides and how to gently dig a heel into their wave to aim the boat towards the kind of Love we want to feel.

And one more thing.

At no point am I going to ask you to fake being something you are not, or do or say things against your nature. If anything, my goal is to help you become much more *you*. There is a HUGE difference between my work and the stuff Dating Game experts teach. I am offering to put you in touch with forces and drives that are already inside you, to engage your pride of inner animals in such a way that they can play and work FOR you instead of against you in your beautiful longing for passion and connection.

I Make You The Star

. It is time for you to be radically you and go for what you really want. I offer to light up your energetic billboard and do it in language that touches on the cellular level: that carries the DNA of a dream from one heart to another.

... So if you have tried to navigate the online dating jungle and ended up burned out, disgusted, swarmed by men who want only fast action, or unable to get a second date with the ones you really like...

...If you finally found someone delicious and promising only to see him disappear after a few months, and leave you doubting everything about your worth, your future and your instincts again...

...If you've been forcing yourself to go out with guys you don't find that attractive because the ones you really want seem to spin you out of control and feed your heart through the shredder...

... then you know what I am doing here.

My passion is to help you feel juicy and powerful in your skin and to bring meaning, magic and hope back into your love life (even if it starts on a website!).

It's hard to describe yourself in a way that brings out your awesomeness, reflects your needs and invokes the relationship you are looking for without resorting to off-putting lists and embarrassing demands.

Yet it is time for you to be truly and radically you - or you will keep attracting guys that have nothing to give you.

Good news? It can be done. It's an art and a science. I can help you feel as magnetic and irresistible in your profile as we ALL tend to feel when we're in love with someone gorgeous and fun who loves us more than we love him. I will coach you how to do it in language that touches on the cellular level: that carries the DNA of a dream from one heart to another.

I also immerse you in an energetic process that will transform your sense of self and your perception of what is possible. You will come out a more grounded, joyful and empowered being capable of sourcing love and pleasure on purpose, from all directions. Your quality of life and your capacity for delight will not depend on someone else's whim.

You will learn how to hold yourself with dignity and poise without sacrificing the warmth and connection you crave.

So yes, it's a Dance.

And you can't lose a dance.

  • You will "sit" for a fun verbal portrait with an experienced journalist and ICF-certified transformation coach who has a gift for seeing the delightful side of everything, and a master at "romantic branding"; We will bring out the adorable quirks and cool details that you sometimes forget about yourself.
  • We will paint a verbal trailer of you to create the visual stimulation that attracts and inspires your matches to start seeing a movie (starring you) in their head.
  • We will immerse you in warmth and love for yourself, a sensory bliss bath you will learn to access and step into whenever you need to feel magnetic. It translates to an exciting new self-image we will help you anchor and have fun with.
  • We will reconnect you with the source of your deep sensuality from where you can draw tremendous power, confidence and energy. This power can affect how you show up in all your various roles and all areas of life.
  • We will turn your dating profile into an energetic billboard that beams out who you are in a magnetic way. We will teach you how to use words to activate the dream~cloud button in your dream man's head.
  • You will acquire online flirting skills and etiquette. We will show you how to look for what you want in a man's profile, how to spot red flags, how to screen the crowd of visitors, and how to move your quality flirtations and connections from email into real life.
  • We will help you identify down-spiral behaviors that sabotage you around people you find attractive; we will create awareness to help you spot the triggers that cause you to give away your power.
  • We will do gentle healing~integration with your inner child and divine lover archetypes to clear space in your neurolinguistic matrix for a new way of being and a new kind of love.
  • And with your man-magnet profile you won't have to be bored, drained and discouraged by something that is supposed to be fun. You will shine AND be yourself on dates.
  • You will inspire men to treat you as the royalty that you are and you will have a blast in the process.
  • To your fantastic new lover self!

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